Wednesday, April 06, 2005


A good friend and co-worker, duan, has this sickening habit of drinking warm soda. So I have decided to started a blog dedicated against warm soda. I really can't think of too many things that are worse than warm soda. Raw chicken? no way. rotted apple? not even close. How about all the bugs and shit they eat on fear factor? it does not hold a candle to warm soda. There needs to be federal regulation against that, I tell you.

Well, in addition to talking smack about warm soda, I guess people usually talk about their pathetic lives on their blog, so I will do the same. yesterday was the giants opening day. coulding score a ticket, so sat at the bar in ACME chop house all afternoon with joe, go completely trashed there. went to hotel utah, drank more, when back to my place, drank more rum and wine. went out played pool, had more beers. what the fuck was I thinking!! felt totally like shit today, felt like I got ran over by the caltrain, a couple of times.

by the way, fuck warm soda.

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